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Voiceovers, Extras & Other Services


Voice Overs - With or without Music Beds

Have a completed script ready and just need a professional to voice it? Our services start at only $10. (depending on the voice artist you choose) A music bed can be the perfect compliment to your message. A typical 30 second commercial is about 75 words. Please do a test first if you have time restrictions.


Voices, Accents, Impersonations

If you've heard our artist demos, you know we create with a wide range of talent. So whatever your idea might be, we have the professional for you. Accents of all kinds, impressions or just crazy funny voices. Call or email us today and we'll be happy to send you a audio demo of the sound you're looking for.


NEW: Music Beds (COMING SOON!!!)

Chris Paulus is not only a fantastic voice over artist, he's also an extremely talented musician. Chris has created music beds for Radio and TV stations, motivational speakers, Nationally Syndicated radio commercials, renowned podcasts including the Mike O'Meara Show and more. We are offering individual beds as well as collections, to be used for any purpose, except resale,  for lifetime use at a great price.

Jingles, Shouts & Songs

With the addition of Michael Kendall Harris to our amazing team, we now offer jingles, shouts and songs. No longer do you have to buy an entire package from a huge company and pay thousands of dollars for a short jingle or package. Call or email us today and outline your ideas. We'll ask you a few questions and get a quote for you fast. And you'll still have some "jingle" left in your pocket afterwards!


Script Writing

Have all of the information about your product or service ready but just don't know what else to say? Let our professional copywriters give your message that special sizzle!

Video Production & Syncing

Many businesses are using YouTube for their advertising needs today. Did you know that you can place a YouTube video almost anywhere on the web? Facebook, Twitter, Websites... We can create a professional video for you, with vocals, music, whiteboard or whatever you need. We can even create the YouTube page and upload your finished video for you! We can sync our voiceover to your video to get it the attention you deserve! 

Radio & Podcast Placement

If you don't know where to turn, we can help you place your ad on radio and internet casts, (podcasts) - Tell us your budget and we'll start the hunt for the perfect audience.


Pricing and Payments

Building a voiceover from the ground up is what we do here at so the pricing structure is different for each project we create. Our prices are up to 90% less than the big voice websites that start at $100 - $150. We're professionals and we use top of the line, radio/video/TV ready equipment and software.

We accept mastercard, visa, amex, eChecks and more via paypal. You don't need a paypal account to pay through paypal. We also take credit card payments by phone. Call us during business hours 10 AM to 6 PM Monday thru Friday, USA Eastern Time at 804.608.6423

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