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Fantastic VoiceOver Artists

To listen to any VO artist, simply click the artists name and you'll begin hearing their Fantastic Demo in a new window. To download for your computer for personal use or a business meeting, right click and "save link as"


Unless specified, All Fantastic Voice Over Artists have an American English Accent. (*Spanish Artists are clearly marked) 


Listen to Sirius XM Radio? Live in Washington DC? Then you've heard Kim Alexander. Kim hosted Book Radio, cut promos for the Blend & Y2Country & her spectacular voice was heard all over the Capital city.


A versatile and vibrant vocalist specializing in a range of quippy, cute, sultry, serious, goofy, glamorous... what have you... recordings. Songs, characters, promos, narrating, imaging, you name it, Laura can deliver it!

Michael National/Local Radio/TV Ads - Old Time Radio - 

In the radio industry since 1979, Michael has created over 100,000 voiceover projects to date and shows no signs of slowing down. He's got the "guy next door" delivery that his clients can't get enough of. Heard on Major Network Syndicated Programs, Nationwide in all 50 States and internationally for clients like Sears, True Value, iWatch, Diamond Media.... Narration, Character Voices, Young to Older Male

Laura & Michael

As you can see, Laura and Michael are quite successful on their own, but when you team them up to promote your project, they become a dynamic duo! Take a listen to this new demo from Laura and Michael and reserve their talent today!


If you live in New York City and haven't heard Linnea, it's possible you don't own a radio. In her short, successful career, Linnea has created over 20,000 voice projects and just keeps getting more work. Her voice is Incredible And Affordable!

Joe G

You may have heard Joe on the Simon and Schuster website. Joe's career started in 2009 and he's quickly climbed the ladder of voiceover projects. His work includes radio and TV commercials, explainer and instructional videos and much more!

Gail G

Check out Gail's demo and you'll hear a unique vocal style. That's why Arby's AT&T and Mercedes Benz hired her to represent their product. Gail continues to record TV and Web Advertisements as well as hone and refine her skills with continuing VO courses.


is an amazing voiceover talent in the L.A. & N.Y. markets for over two decades, with 1000's of bookings for 1000's of clients. She was the voice of mission control on Michael Jackson’s “History” tour. Add Lexus,Citibank, IBM, American Express, HBO...

MKH - VO - Jingles - Impressions

Michael Kendall Harris is an amazing voice talent. Just listen to his demo... Along with his broadcast quality pipes, Michael's impressions & acapella jingles will drop your jaw!


With a great, smooth delivery, Terry has made quite an impact in the industry since 2004, with clients such as the Washington Redskins Radio Network, Buffalo Wild Wings, the American Cancer Society and more!


It's not unusual to hear and see Amanda on the tv, radio and web...  She is an actress with over 20 years of experience voicing and appearing in national commercials, tv and film and continues to describe her voice and look best as the "Girl Next Door."  If you need a friendly, genuine, approachable and reliable voice talent to deliver your message (Teen-Middle Age Female sound)- Amanda is your girl!  


When we read that MOE does "the hottest, sexiest voice-over on the planet" and has client list including RE/MAX, Totino’s, Old El Paso,, we had to add her to our lineup! Hire this power voice & make your ad shine!


He's been heard up & down the East Coast for years. Courted by CBS radio & syndicated shows alike for his commanding voice and production skills, he's the professional that everyone wants for their project. 


is a major market voiceover talent based in LA with over 30 years of experience in all facets of the voice over and broadcasting industry, and thousands of voice projects and happy clients every year. 


Whether it's a commercial, testimonial, documentary, children's book, voicemail greeting, video game character, etc. - Ellen can record it for you on state-of-the-art equipment with a professional sound.

Javier - *Spanish

This friendly and talented Male, Spanish voice artist comes to us with a full resume and plenty of experience to show for it! Javier's represented, McDonalds, Wal-Mart, Herbalife, La Radio de Neiva & many other clients!

Gaby - *Spanish

We are happy to announce that Gaby, a Spanish Voice Artist has joined the RadioWaves.US team. Gaby has recorded Spanish version spots for many clients.  Her sound is great for multiple projects.

Ariel - *Spanish

Ariel has worked on the radio airwaves for more the radio 20 years in the South Florida Hispanic market. He is middle age male voice with a neutral accent, conversational, natural, warm, and friendly. Ariel now combines his passion for radio and TV doing voiceovers that include TV shows, audiobooks, documentary television, commercials, video games and multimedia and also he provides radio content for radio stations around the world.


Carrie is an Actress and Voice over talent with over 20 years in the business. She's appeared in many National and Regional Commercials as well as TV and Films. Her style ranges from business professional to your friendly neighbor. Words to best describe her voice would be... sincere, warm, inviting, conversational, real, friendly, excited and relate-able. Carrie's voice ranges from late teens to middle aged female. 


Chicago's Kristine has worked for Oldies 104.3 with the infamous DJ Dick Biondi. She's done interviews  with stars like Bob Newhart as well as appearing in 90210, movies and of course has done lots of voice acting!


Her voice is her instrument. With rich tones and a great delivery, Dawn adds something special to all her voice over work. With over 25 years of experience and having married a sound engineer, clients have come to count on Dawn to deliver only the best.

Johnny Holiday

This Premiere Voice Over Artist stands alone in his decades of broadcasting. ABC News, NBC, The Cleaveland Browns, This Week w/ Sam Donaldson... The list goes on. Johnny Holliday is one of the most recognizable names in the industry. Call us for a quote.

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